Carneval in Croatia

Karneval in Croatia is a celebration of joy, positive energy and dancing masks. Each region maintains its customs and traditions, so the Karneval or Faschnik shows the creativity of different regions. 


The most famous Croatian Karneval is the Karneval of Rijeka, which transforms the largest city of Kvarner into a colorful stage of tradition, joy and customs. The Karneval celebration begins when the Mayor of Rijeka symbolically hands over the keys of the city to Master Toni, after which the entire Kvarner region comes alive to the rhythm of a special combination of fantasy, seriousness, dreams and reality.

The island of Lastovo is known for its mystical beauty, which was already appreciated by the ancient Romans. In addition to idyllic nature, autochthonous specialties and starry skies, Lastovo celebrates one of the oldest European Karneval traditions, first mentioned in the 14th century. In memory of the successful defense against the Catalan pirates, the inhabitants of Lastovo organize a unique carnival festival, where the whole island becomes a stage. 

The small picturesque town of Samobor, during several days of carnival celebrations is filled with thousands of masks dancing jubilantly through the streets. And the marketplace of Samobor becomes the place of burning of the Karneval prince, who, according to ancient beliefs, protects us from all negative influences in the next year


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